However, everything changed when he met Japans number one hero All-Might and was given a quirk of his own. Due to that and a matter of personal preference, I use mostly non-localized terms in this fic, including last names, honorifics, SHSL instead of Ultimate, etc. This story incorporates many of the iterations of the series, including media other than video games. Akane Ogata, ex-Super High School Level Chemist, along with other fifteen, are locked into an underground shelter, under the ruling of the loathed Monobear and the threat of eventually starving to death if they don't kill somebody and don't get caught. left kudos on this work! But things don't turn out as planned when she and fifteen other students fall unconscious and find themselves in some strange resort. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Now Monokuma has trapped his students in the Suicide Forest. The survivors wake up first, but something is wrong. Synopsis: It didn't seem to matter what she didwho she killed, who she sacrificed, who she saved, or even how she diedbecause Harukawa Maki would always wake up in that same damn classroom to start the worst day of her entire miserable life over again. A beautifully written, beautifully meta story. It is really stupid at first, but by Chapter 5, it becomes utterly amazing. Despite being bullied and ridiculed for being born without a quirk Midoriya still desperately wished to become a hero, even if he knew it was impossible. What is the purpose of this cruel game? 3046 guests Comments: One of the best case five rewrites out there. Synopsis: When Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Artist, finds himself waking up in a strange new place, he has no idea what to think. Even if that hand reaches out to him, Ouma won't pull it, or let himself be pulled. Synopsis: Takes place in an AU where Monokuma introduces a Mary Sue as the new motive while the students try to find some information. All I Need Is You YADERE IBUKI M. by Willow. I was hoping to see Junko go through the different members of Class 77 one at a time, using her knack for manipulation to turn them towards despair by really getting to the core of what would break them down as a person. Damn the Timeline and dangers! All this and more in A New Hope. As soon as school starts he would escape from his "friends" and leave. But what if she survived her execution? Summary: As tensions with the public arise, Hope's Peak Academy looks for a means to improve public relations, and finds it through rehabilitating talented criminals in an abandoned prison island. After you two finish playing your fav [ : x ] Summary: What if all of the Danganronpa characters were in one killing game and what if two Americans joined them in the fun? Synopsis: Kaede Akamatsu (Though *she* doesn't know that yet) wakes up in a completely trashed hostel room, with voices in her head and an important case to solve. And Junko had the perfect target in mind for this time loop. Comments: Crack, pure and simple, but delightful crack. (Naegiri happens and other ships are also hinted at. It's my first time uploading my writing in a long, long time, so any feedback or support at all is appreciated. 8. 25. 49. It had a lot of little issues, but the biggest thing that put me off was the ending. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, 1. It's not up to him, after all. (My 2ND killing game after. (spoileriffic, set after the game), Tags: AU-What if? Summary: Chiaki doesn't think she's anyone special. A VR simulation meant to test and strengthen Naegi's character. Constantly keeps his stories entertaining with the right amount of unpredictability. Has written many stories for the DanganronpaV3 fandom. Who will perish? Edit: At this point, I'm giving you recomandations, huh. Summary: When asked what she wants to read for storytime, a five-year-old Kiki Naegi begs to hear the story of how her parents met and fell in love. For a long time, Akane liked this idea of life. Comments: Although the story had a slow start in terms of characterization (as one may notice some traits just disappear in later chapters without explanation), once the author got the grasp of each character the story really got better. danganronpa: world tour cast complete with everyone's ultimates and roles . Pairing(s): Hajime/Natsumi Kuzuryu, Fuyuhiko/Peko, Synopsis: A three part story where Hajime Hinata saves Natsumi Kuzuryu from Sato, radically diverging his future. You can tell how much they care about the characters. Recommended by: Humble-Novice, Sakami, Net Neutrality, Synopsis: Three different sacrifices are made, and three different survivors stumble out of the rubble. An, Comments: Well-written and updated almost weekly, the story explores the changes and consequences that unfold due to, Recommended by: Sentairider42, MrHollowRabbit, Net Neutrality, Synopsis: Author's Summary "The first investigation was going exactly as the Mastermind hoped it would. Or he is an emotional wreck and hates life. There will be angst, fluff, and other stuff. This story has it's own clever spin in handling the story. Monokuma instantly seemed to take a liking to the girl. Synopsis: Kiyotaka Ishimaru began his life at Hope's Peak Academy bursting with optimism, determined to succeed. I just sat around and made things harder than they needed to be. 28. PTSD, Spoilers, Post-Canon, The people who survive go on to find out that. 32. If he could get his Minerva McGonagall has lived through more than most ever will. Comments: This story is one of the most well-written stories I have ever read. The characters and their relationships really shine in this one. The world has become a very dangerous place after all, and there's no way he can allow Naegi Makoto's light to blink out. Gone are the stacks of cardboard boxes, the piles upon piles of books and binders which were once haphazardly strewn all along the floor at random. The press begins to slowly descend down onto me. Although so far many things are starting to deviate from the established canon usually seen in Dangan Ronpa stories the author seems to be doing a lot of effort to create a new environment and new characters to mesh with the universe. She just didn't know the answer yet. I know he's not that type, but after everything I've done maybe he will get a kick out of ending my life. Akamatsu hates that shes the only one whos seemed to notice. Synopsis: A collection of one-shots set in the same universe as. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Synopsis: Welcome to Monokumaland, the Unhappiest Place on Earth! Lucky for him, the Ultimate Detective Kaede Akamatsu is there to do the thinking where he can't, and she's optimistic that the nature of the Ultimate Academy is to cultivate their talents; Even when the headmaster encourages them all to participate in a Killing Game. It makes it worth it. 35. Please read the other version of this book as this one is totally messed up if you want you can read this one also but both the books are not at all connected both have { } But then a black and white bear shows up and tells them that they're not allowed to leave. The Final Trial Part 2 Synopsis: Chiaki Nanami enters Hope's Peak Academy for the first time! (Ultimate Travel Enthusiast) Muhammad Khongkaeo (M) [Thailand] (Ultimate Taste Tester) The characters are on-point, and the story is light-hearted and comedic in nature. Yumeno has an older brother that she occasionally talks about, and Saihara has his uncle, but Maki Harukawa has absolutely nobody to go back to. Synopsis: Jonathan Joestar's once-idyllic childhood is shattered when his father takes in the children of the man who saved his life. 8. 54. Who among these unlucky students will live and die? 5. Comments: An interesting take on a scenario where Mukuro Ikusaba regrets her role as Junko's accomplice and tries her best to keep everybody alive despite not still being known as 'Junko Enoshima'. Synopsis: Courage is invited to C.N. Everyone is alive and well. Status: Dormant; last updated September 2020. The direction it's taking is phenomenal, and the author (who writes a lot of meta on V3) has a great understanding of the characters, most particularly Ouma. Or will Monokuma entice murder among them and taint their hearts with despair?". ", Kokichi: "Kaito, this plan might not even work. "!? Taking account of how she isnt an AI from the Future Foundation but an actual person here, her thoughts and actions affect the story differently. They go, however, they end up trapped in the academy and the only way out is to kill each other. After all I've done I can't pretend to be innocent. Kaito: "Alright Kokichi, I'm starting the press and the camera now. I started this fic in late January/early February of this year, shortly after the game was released in Japanese. Sixteen go in, but how many will leave? Will any of them survive this out of this world experience? Investigation 4 Readers can vote for character Free Time. Pairing(s): Mikan/Fuyuhiko and various other minor pairings. Y/N L/N, t Short things up your Obito from Naruto and have his powers. Synopsis: "Super High School Level Luck" Naegi Makoto is possibly the most unlucky student at Hope's Peak Academy. An unforgettable bear gives them the directive, of "kill, or be killed." They have arrived on Jabberwock Island for the biggest, most amazing, most hope-inducing school trip of their lifetimes. Despite being supported and appreciated despite his lack of talent Hinata still felt inferior, even if he tried to accept that talent isnt everything. Comments: Written by the same author who did the above fanfic, Jojo's Despair-Filled Adventure tackles the plot of JJBA, this time with Junko and Mukuro (or at least, their Victorian English counterparts) as the antagonists of the series. Synopsis: It was supposed to be yet another normal year of school, but something changed for the third class of the second Hope's Peak Academy. Hunch The Ultimate Actress who wants to be a Rockstar met someone one rainy night that will change her world. A series of quick, disconnected one-shots between Kirumi and Shuichi, varying in seriousness and tone. Enjoy! Until the day you meet a boy that needs someone just as much as you do. Can be found on A03 and, A Lesson In Order and Despair by MonochromeMastermind, make (un)make ; made (un)made by blueseawitch, Izuru Kamukura's Cuddly Toy by Suitov (Link), Danganronpa The PARALLEL by Lycoris_aurea (Link), I'd Trade My Life For Yours by grayimperia. This is that story. Aw, hell. Synopsis: togami and naegi kill people for a living. Summary: AU of the second game where Hanamura succeeded in killing Komaeda instead of Togami. Above it, the familiar jumbotron screen flickers with dazzling multicolored lights. Summary: A re-writing of chapter 3 in which three different people fall victims of the Despair Disease. 47. Kirigiri has barely escaped her Shadow Self and is forming her first Social Link. Break That is, until Kokichi makes an offer for it to all end. However, he did not realize that hope was not the only mental state that could stand against despair. 27. Now, Midoriya can become a hero like he had always wanted. Comments: This story does a unique take on the concept of bringing the students who died during the events of the first game back to life, and also features well-written original characters. This will be a long, long fic in progress, but I have most of it planned out from start to finish, and I'm excited to be able to share this with people. She is way too old for high school, too! Synopsis: Wherein the entire school life of mutual killings was all a setup for The Greatest, Most Hope-Inducing Surprise Birthday Party in the History of Mankind. What could possibly go wrong? Whether or not that information is actually correct doesnt really interest him. Kaede becomes a hybrid of herself and a fully spoiled V3 player, and acts like it: slapping everything and everyone for Monocoins, Status: Dormant; last updated October 2020, Synopsis: Author's Summary "You stand at a point and see two roads leading in different directions. Dangan Ronpa, Another IF: Goodbye Despair . I really like those monologues. However, a series of events led him to look over his own faults and try to save his classmates, leading to. The question is who will survive. The story puts Kazuichi through trial after trial as he makes sense of the loop. Summary: A series of drabbles centred around Sakura, Aoi, their relationship, and the sometimes maybe tricky business of being a girl. Apparently, everything. Now 16 students awaken to find themselves trapped by a mysterious mastermind for a deadly game of mutual killing. Summary: Junko Enoshima executed Chiaki Nanami to throw her classmates into despair. Or maybe it was the only life she knew. In fact, a mysterious wormhole has caught her and sent into a different world. Kokichi: "Okay, so what do you want to say. Anime/Manga Mystery. Can Kogami the SHSL Puzzle Master be able to undercover all the mysterious in this haunted estate or will he fall victim to Monokuma or the numerous anime characters trap with him? Tom Marvolo Riddle does not do failure. One day, Lexi and her friend decide to go to King's Cross station for a memorable cosplay. But ideals are just ideals, not truth, and Oumas truth is that there are the ghosts of hands clinging to his neck when he wakes up. "' Basically, Team 7 vs. Kaguya, final smack down. Fire, Blood and Steel Follow. But though the events were fake, the impact they had on Naegi was very real. I think we can really pull this off and force Monokuma to let us go. Friend or Foe? Despite only being on its prologue at the time of this being written, this fangan has proven to be unique and endearing. This person has written a lot of V3 stories, all of them unique due to a great characterization and a beautiful, mature style. A woman from year 6088 finds herself transcending dimensions and becoming someone she only thought was a character in a TV Show that she'd once loved. Synopsis: Link is about to start his new year at Hope's Peak Academy. Some of them find ways to cope. Summary: After the conclusion of the Killing Game, Komaeda realizes he has no choice but to bring the Ultimate Hope under his care. Seeing Fem!Naegi's interactions with the rest of Class 78 gave me the fuzzies. Comments: This is one of the few stories that kept me on my toes on trying to figure out who's going to survive, along with who can or cannot be trusted. When you were young you stood up for a boy, the boy that for the next few years would become your best friend and partner in crime. Purple is the best. this is an original fanfiction, maybe i'm the first one who make this one but i really hope you like it. Comments: An entertainingly snarky Non-Despair AU story involving a two-day party before the start of the year. With a huge community and a very active writer, updates are frequent with plenty of side content to go through while you wait. Then suddenly POOF they're twelve again and waiting to meet their sensei on team assignment day. The loop continues again." Investigations and trials are also both rendered, Comments: The cast is comprised of characters submitted by readers (as is common on the forum it's on), leading to a cast that feels very diverse while (thanks to. Within the confusion of the 77th class being carried away to a tropical island in the middle of the sea instead of attending Hope's Peak Academy, a mysterious girl is washed to the beach of Jabberwock Island that turns out to be of the age of the participants of the class trip. There wasn't a single part of it which wouldn't make me hold my breath. This fic is basically one of those, but with. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Danganronpa fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Hajime is asked by her father to become her bodyguard and gradually becomes more and more involved with the Kuzuryu yakuza syndicate and it's machinations as their relationship progresses. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Danganronpa fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Comments: If you could choose any Danganronpa OC fic to read, give this one a go. Kirigiri and Monokuma are a little bit. For more information, please see our Summary: Ryota Mitarais cowardice leads to the Tragedy. Comments: Just like for its prequel, though they begin with a similar motion, the story starts to diverge more and more from the original. Exhaustion seeps through every bone in his body, beating like a drum (like a mechanical press crashing down) above his right eye, but he still wont be able to sleep no matter how hard he tries. It was designed to break even the sturdiest of souls, the strongest of minds. This story offers the readers to interact with the story using the game-inspired mechanic of Free Time as well. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. An Encore From My Crying Heart by kirastrations. Now, Hinata can hold his head high and become someone he can finally be proud of? Class Trial 1 Aftermath She's got a few mysteries to solve, and she's going to start with figuring out what the deal is with the cat that keeps trying to break into her apartment. Since when is she the Super High School Level Motivator? Theres no clock to be found anywhere at all in the room, not even a wristwatch. A sequel can be. Hes already well aware that every so often the television will come on, informing him that its precisely eightin the morning or ten at night. Apparently, nobody expected Makoto Naegi to be femaleexcept Monokuma, but he doesn't count. Comments: An entertaining cross, albeit one that cheerfully relies on spoilers - even in the first chapter, there's. Sure, she loves video games a bit more than a normal person does, but aside from that, there's nothing else to her. Every student has committed a crime that generally suits them to keep them in character, their interactions are fun to see, and their "wardens", the adult casts from DR3 and Despair Girls, are enjoyable without taking too much of the spotlight. gay bxblove kokichioma +22 more # 10 Motive About Me? danganronpa v3 x tokyo ghoul kokichi as juuzou if yha interested. Also who doesn't love punny names for the characters via Ace Attorney style? 37. A look into Chiaki's mind during key moments of, Summary: When your artificial demigod emerges from his pod uncooperative and violent, what do you do? (A story about understanding. Comments: A unique crossover with a very intriguing premise. Investigation 2 Comments: A very enjoyable (and, at over two-hundred thousand words. A.K.A Kaede gets the knowledge of a fully spoiled player who loves the slapping mechanic just a little too much. A series of cute scenes between Chiaki and Hajime, set after the events of, Summary: One-shot. --a short saiouma book-- Status: Main story completed, with bonus chapters and a (dormant) prequel. SLOW UPDATES|||| : r/danganronpa I love all the characters so I don't care who is the main character! Despair Synopsis: Maki does not belong here, or anywhere. 1.2K Stories. Comment: Very interesting and well-rounded cast and setting, and the protagonist has attitude. "Fine! If you're not avoiding spoilers, please read this. It even has a few original ideas. Let me know if you find any. Synopsis: Saihara and Kaede spend their first Christmas together. Comments: If you're looking for a fic that's more subversive of what one would expect from a fangan, then this is mandatory reading. 17. 12. However, as the mutual killing game proceeds, things become even less straightforward. 53 ", Kokichi: "Stop talking and just kill me please.". A variety of interesting, Summary: A fusion fic that puts the cast of. Thisis Alternate V.", Comments: An amazing AU fic that has a similar premise to Three-Point Shot (namely that. Comments: Well-written re-telling of the events of chapter 3 and does a very good job at exploring each character as much as possible. As they grow stronger under their chosen leader, they soon learn they were all chosen to lead one final stand against good and evil, hope and despair-a stand not all of them will survive. Already off to a strong start, this fic shows great promise. Status: Complete, with a sequel in progress. 39. Jaded Through Time Chapter 1: Live and Let Die, a dangan ronpa kibou no gakuen to zetsubou no koukousei fanfic | FanFiction Jaded Through Time By: dippytrippy122 A different result at the end of the fifth trial leads to Makoto escaping Hopes Peak alone. Summary: AU story in which all of Junko's plans to create despair backfire on her completely. Summary: Few would have guessed that Shuichi Saihara and Kirumi Tojo were ever meant to be. I don't deserve it, but it would be nice if just one person actually would miss me. Comments: It is an interesting story that allows the viewers a chance to interact by determining who gets free time, and even try to solve the puzzles. Comments: Well written and enjoyable; the entire cast is likable, and while there's only been one murder at the time of writing this, it was well planned out and coordinated. (Contains endgame spoilers. ", Kaito: "Quit screwing around. All the characters are unique and interesting, the setting is incredibly different and not something seen before, the relationships are all well developed and believable, and there's more it could be praised for but it'd dive into serious spoiler territory. Investigation 1 11. I especially love the theme of "truth vs. lies" and the protagonist's talent as a pseudologist is really different from talents such as Naegi's Ultimate Hope. In this one, Sayaka Maizono didn't try to go through with her plans for murder. Summary: Patience was never a word in Akane's vocabulary. However, things change when she, along with other fifteen kids her age, are invited by the famous Hope's Peak Academy to the biggest, heart-throbbing island school trip of their lives. (Spoilers). 20. Class Trial 3 Aftermath Despair, Tags: AU- Everybody Lives Nobody Dies, What if? (Y/n) (l/n) has always been more interested in Mukuro Ikusaba, unlike others, who only focused on Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Fashionista. be absent to the death of Chiaki Nanami and the indirect brainwashing of Class 77-B of hopes peak as a result. Up next is another very long and intricate Danganronpa fanfiction. I wonder if Kaito is going to enjoy killing me? A Dangan Ronpa story written in script style, featuring an original plotline and characters. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. (Be warned of. These are not my Story or characters so give credit to the creators of these Anime's. Synopsis: After waking up in a mysterious school, Luigi is forced into a killing game with a bunch of weird strangers by a sadistic bear with a despair fetish. 15. It has spoilers for all games, some novels and two fangames (Danganronpa Another and Super Danganronpa Another 2) so I dont know if youd be interested. Any platform! In addition, there will be some eventual saiouma/oumasai shipping, but most of that is for further down the line. Man that would suck if he died during one of my monologues I wrote for him. Broken To truly feel the weight of one's own life, one would would have to remember it, first. Personally the first for me to see make use of the FTE with other characters hanging out with each other as oppose to just being limited to the POV of the protagonist. Team Danganronpa : Part 4 Everything she has ever known will be challenged as she races against a force unseen to unravel the truth in the sea of lies, even as rumors mysteriously start coming true and reality itself seems to be falling apart at the seams. 24. Synopsis: Fukawa dies. Ultimates are capable killers. He also becomes friends with Fuyuhiko and Peko in the process. Diego Brando, one of Giorno Giovanna's brothers, is a new student at Hope's Peak Academy. Class Trial 1 Please consider turning it on! Will the students all fall into despair and kill each other or will Link find a way to bring hope to everyone and stop Master Hand? Watch as your favorite characters duke it out to see who survives the longest and not only that, you, the reader, can influence the story and how it plays out! The changes so far have all been justified, and make the audience wonder what else will change later on. There are spoilers for Dangan Ronpa so read at your own risk if you haven't finished the game. elmer gantry ending explained,